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Sally currently lives on the edge of the Cotswolds. Sally is a self-inspired artist who enjoys working in oils and pencils. She has a particular interest in figurative and botanical art.

She grew up in a family that has a keen interest in art and Sally had a painting displayed at Sotheby’s as a child. She attended life drawing classes when she lived in Amsterdam for a few years from 2000.

Sally is inspired by a range of different artists such as Rubens, Henri Rousseau, Stephen Mackey and Pepe Baena Nieto. She loves the depth and richness that oil painting offers and has a fascination with faces, hands, flowers and interesting moments in daily life.

Sally’s paintings attempt to capture those special moments in life that are easily overlooked and missed. She enjoys paintings that include patterns and texture and evoke emotions with a focus on joy and intrigue and a sense of calm and satisfaction. 

She is a currently a member of the United Art Space Hub which is a collaborative online group for artists to learn and share their work and ideas. Since 2019 Sally has been taking portrait commissions.

In 2021 Sally received a Special Merit Award with the online Light Space Time Gallery in their annual figurative competition. 

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