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Feedback for my Max and Hugo portrait:

Wow! Although a thank you in written form is not by any means enough to justify how grateful we are for your time, passion and care for creating such an incredible piece of art, here is our thank you. You have a truly amazing skill in art and our painting you have created is truly wonderful and everything we could have wished for in one painting. Now we can look at our fur babies as if they were still with us every day, so thank you from the deepest of our hearts for keeping their memories alive. They have been put up in our hallway as a central point and the perfect memoir. Thank you for everything. Courtney and Kieran.

Feedback for my Islay oil portrait:

It’s a wonderful portrait. You know how much I appreciate your art. You have such a wonderful talent for being able to convey far more than just a good likeness. You have managed to capture what makes Islay who she is and what she means to us. I promise I shall treasure it. It will be in pride of place and I shall make sure your details as an artist are passed on to anyone interested in your work.

Max and Hugo_edited.jpg
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